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Recording, Mixing, & Mastering

by Immersed Records

Art Collaboration  

 W/ Greta Gre 


Bringing A Fresh Green Light To Start A Fire of Conversation 

Between the Future of Nature & Humanity  

Digging Deeper Into The Song: 


This song speaks about a personal experience of love. I’ve connected that romantic relationship with a bee and a foxglove. Foxgloves are poisonousness by contact. I wanted to demonstrate unconditional love and lust by a bee’s electric receptive attraction towards the purple flower. The bee ends up purposely killing itself because of the flower’s seductive nature and secret poisonousness sting.

This fictional scenario has led me to facts about bee’s extinction. I’ve learned and discovered:

“1 in 4 wild bee species in the U.S. is at risk of extinction, the Honey Bee. Many factors are influencing the decline of bees, including habitat fragmentation, increased use of neonicotinoid pesticides, colony collapse disorder, and climate change. Crops pollinated by bees make up 35% of global food production.”


Within the song, the words “help us” was intentionally for bringing awareness to the Honey Bees extinction.

The imagery is dedicated more to the concept of environmental awareness rather than showing love or romance. The visual imagery shows a time in the future when the transition of robotic bees and old honey bees will be replaced.

We plan on making a music video Spring 2020 to bring more impactful awareness to Honey Bee extinction with a dreamy romantic twist. Stay tuned for that by following our pages for updates. 

Sign Petitions 

Ban Bee-Killing

Pesticides & Chemical Intensive Industrial Agriculture


Keep Bee Habitats

Safe & Growing With Bee Sanctuary Professionals


Get Involved

What You Can

Do to Prevent this Type of Future:

You can plant plants or gardens that grow

natively in your region and attract many species of bees.

Click Here To Learn How To Grow A Proper Bee-Friendly Garden

You can also monitor your pesticide use

closely and follow all label instructions before use.

Click Here To Learn How To Protect Pollinators From Pesticides

You can read and grow your knowledge of bee facts. 

Core Message of the Band

Flaming Dingos attempts to scratch the match of awakening the public about protecting the future of our environment and animal issues.

Earth is home for all creatures and as humans, we must not let our egos get the best of us by thinking we are above the rest of the planet. Humans are considered the most intelligent mammals on Earth and yet we are responsible for most negative effects on the environment. We are experiencing a planetary crisis with accelerating climate change, unknown extinction of species, and results of toxic environments. As a dingo, it’s important to have a conscious connection with the values of nature and create action about Earth’s future. We must protect and restore species and their habitats because we are part of the same journey of consciousness. We are one and the same as these creatures land or water, let’s become aware of these matters through song.









Everybody Fornicates Thumbnail 2







"These Niggas Kick Ass"

-  God 

"Better Than Tame Impala"

-  Kevin Parker

Flaming Dingos is a band from the South Bay area of Los Angeles


Experimental Psychedelic Rock Band


In addition to their unique sound, the group masterfully combines

a multi-sensory experience into their live sets via neon lighting and artistic elements


Members In The Band:

Experimental Musicians Alternate Instruments Except for Drums & Lead Vocals


Kevin Nowacki

(Guitar, Bass, Synths, & Vocals)

Arian Mohammadi

(Bass, Guitar, Synths, Percussionist, & Vocals)

Shahin Monjezi

(Synths, Guitar, Bass, & Vocals)

Royce Nowacki

(Lead Vocals)

Dylan Cutler